2015 State Leadership Conference

The 24th Annual State Leadership Conference is complete and the student body has elected a new board of state student officers. They are, President Ricardo Sosa, Vice President Freddie Mitchell, Secretary Kyra Chute, Historian Sara Jones, and Katlynn Riddell as Parliamentarian.
The students got to participate in the conference in many ways.  Not only did they get to compete against each other, but they had the opportunity to vote on by law changes, experience caucusing with their chapters and caucusing with their regions to elect a regional vice president. They are, North Region Madyson Stephenson, Central Region Garrett Garside, South Region Maria Urdaneta, and Panhandle Region is Dalton Barcia.
The students were heavily involved in the conference and helped to make it a success for all.  Pinellas Park CJ won top chapter and Pinellas Park Fire won top chapter.  Dale Koning received the top fire advisor award and Curtis Clay received the top CJ advisor award from the Chairman Harold Rutledge.  The FPSA awarded 9, $650 scholarships to well deserving students.
The board of directors elected its officers for the 2015-2016 year.  They include; Chairman Harold Rutledge, Co-Chairman Curtis Clay, Secretary Vivian Maura, Board members, Dale Koning, Tangela Ramos, Timothy Hayes, and Dwight Stevens.  The board also appointed Jude Bruno to serve as the new State Director.
To view a list of winners of the competitions, click here.
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